The Top 10 Greatest Running Backs of All Time

Everyone has there most loved running backs ever, yet here is my rundown of the main 10 biggest running backs ever:

10) Eric Dickerson – Nobody was prettier to watch. In the event that you watched the Los Angeles Rams during the 80s, it appeared as though a lot of elephants pursuing a gazelle.

9) Bo Jackson – Boy, what might have been. On the off chance that the rules for the best running back ever was simply sheer actual traits it wouldn’t be close. This man was an anomaly of nature. It seemed as though someone assembled him in Frankenstein-like analysis. It’s a disgrace that a physical issue annihilated his vocation.

8) Gale Sayers – No NFL player had a more important vocation by playing less games. He scored a then record 22 scores in his newbie year. Without the conceivable exemption of Barry Sanders, he was the most perilous part in the open field throughout the entire existence of the NFL.

7) Earl Campbell – No other player has applied more torment on the contradicting protection than Earl Campbell. Legs as thick as redwood trees, each tackle was on him would have been a difficulty.

6) Emmitt Smith – All time NFL driving rusher. What all the more should be said?

5) Ladanian Tomlinson – Has been breaking records since the time he entered the class. He is a score machine. In the 2006 season, he scored a greater number of scores than some whole groups scored for that year. On the off chance that he can keep this sort of speed, สล็อตJoker he may break each hurrying record in presence.

4) Marshall Faulk – Part of the best show on turf. A particularly stunning football player, that in the event that he played Wide Receiver, he’d presumably still be going to the Hall of Fame. By a wide margin, no other running back has been such a weapon in the passing game.

3) Jim Brown – Revolutionized the position. A man among young men. Viewed by numerous individuals as the not just the best running back ever, however the best football player ever.

2) Walter Payton – Not favored with blasting pace or incredible actual strength. He was THE common running back. He embodied the personality of Chicago.

1) Barry Sanders – Nobody has accomplished more in a vocation with less assistance than Barry Sanders. His open field moves were an associated thing to a computer game. Sanders played for some genuinely unpleasant Detroit Lions groups. He played with frail quarterbacks, paper slim hostile lines, but then he figured out how to go more than 1,000 yards for each and every time of his vocation.

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