Want to Know the Basics of Getting Your First Passport? Get the Solid Facts Here

A good way to get your first passport is to let the online passport services handle your hassles. They are like a boon from the heaven as they make the ‘first passport fear’ easy. And they are also helpful for shaking those heaps of confusion off your shoulders. But before you get tucked with anything, here are the rock bottom basics about helping yourself with your first passport quest.

First of all, visit the nearby post office to get the passport application form. You can also download online. But for printing the form you’ll need to use only black ink. And there’s not alternative to white paper here. The paper dimension should be 8 ½ inches, by 11 inches. Visit : https://thephotoapp.co.uk/chinese-passport-photos-online/

In order for having getting the passport application easily approved, you’ll have to be capable of providing evidence of your US citizenship. As proof, the two most common documents acceptable are –

· A certified US birth certificate (but its copy won’t do), and

· A certificate of US citizenship (or a certificate of naturalization)

· Driver’s license or other types of state/federal ID

Another essential requirement of your application is passport photos. Sounds funny, but photos are among the key reasons for the rejection of passport applications is rejected. For instance, according to the national regulations, you can’t wear any headwear and eyewear in the passport photo.

Moreover, you must be wearing civilian clothing (uniforms are absolute NO-NO!). And you’re supposed to look directly at the camera. In addition to these, there’re specifications regarding lighting or sizing of passport photos. So let a professional take and make the photo for you. You can track the progress of your application through site of the State Department. The passport remains valid for 10 years, from the time of issue for adults and 5 years for children.

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