13 London Football League Clubs in Order of Foundation

1.Fulham, 1879

The group started as a congregation side, St Andrews of West Kensington, turning out to be proficient nineteen years after the fact.

2.Leyton Orient, 1881

Beginning as the football crew of the Glyn Cricket Club in East London, the side brought the Orient into the name in 1888 at the idea of a player who worked for the Orient Shipping Line. Known as Clapton Orient from 1898, they moved to Leyton during the 1930s.

3.Barnet, 1882

Established as Woodville FC by previous understudies of two schools nearby, the group turned out to be New Barnet FC in 1885 and basically Barnet FC three years after the fact.

4.Tottenham Hotspurs, 1882

Shaped by young men from the Hotspur cricket club and from the nearby language school and named Hotspur FC, the side took the name of Tottenham Hotspur Football and Athletic Club in 1884.

5.Millwall, 1885

The group was established as Millwall Rovers in you summer of 1885 by laborers at Morton’s Jam Factory on the Isle of Dogs.

6.Queen’s Park Rangers, 1886

The club was shaped when a group called St Judees joined with a group called Christchurch Rangers in 188.

7.Arsenal, 1886

betway ดีไหม  The Gunners started life as ‘Dial Square’ when a gathering of laborers at the Woolwich Arsenal Armannent manufacturing plant framed a group of that name and played their first game on 11 December 1886. In 1891 the Club turned proficient and changed its name to Woolwich Arsenal, joining the Football League two years after the fact.

8.Brentford, 1889

The group was established as a branch of the Brentford Rowing Club. Whenever it was set up, there was a discussion at probably the most punctual gathering about whether the group should play Association football or Rugby football. Affiliation won by eight votes to five.

9.Wimbledon, 1889 (presently the MK Dons)

Framed as the Wimbledon Old Centrals, they played their first matches on the Common.

10.West Ham United, 1895

The Hammers were established as the works group of the Thames Ironworks and Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.

11.Charlton Athletic, 1905

The group was made by a gathering of young people who all lived in and around Eastmoor Street, SE7, and didn’t turn into a senior side for an additional eight years.

12. Chelsea, 1905

Two financial specialists called Mears purchased the games arena at Stamford Bridge fully intent on arranging football coordinates however they did as such before they had a group to play there. In the wake of moving toward Fulham to check whether they needed to move in (they didn’t) the siblings decided to frame another club without any preparation. Chelsea were established on 14 March 1905 in the thing was then the Rising Sun bar inverse the primary access to Stamford Bridge on Fulham Road. Casted a ballot into the Football League for the 1905-06 season, they turned into the lone group at any point to enter the League before they’d played a match.

13. Gem Palace, 1905

Established collectively to play at the wearing offices at the old Crystal Palace which remained on Sydenham Hill, the side won the Southern League Division Two title in their first season.

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