Live, Love, Laugh

The expression, “live, love, snicker,” was most certainly an expression my cousin lived by the entire life, even in his infection, he tracked down the positive in what some would see as a negative circumstance. He appreciated life, he wanted to giggle and in particular, he carried on with life to unquestionably the fullest. He wanted to travel, learn new things about various individuals and their way of life.


Roger was brought up in Alabama he then, at that frasi d’amore brevi point moved to Buffalo, New York where he lived for some, numerous years until he migrated to Atlanta, Georgia his last resting place.


Regardless of whether his movements were long visits or short visits, enormous urban communities or modest communities, his #1 trinket thing were, “shirts.” Everywhere he went he would purchase a shirt to help him to remember his movements. Each shirt he possessed had a story behind it that he would impart to whomever he interacted with.


To say, it didn’t take a lot to fulfill him, is putting it mildly. However long he was chuckling living and voyaging, he was glad. He adored everyone he interacted with and everyone cherished him. The familiar axiom, “he never met an outsider,” most certainly applied to Roger and his life.


From my youth up until his passing, my fondest memory of my cousin was his grin and how paying little mind to the day or circumstance, each time I conversed with him, he could generally figure out how to make me giggle.


His most recent couple of long periods of life he was in and out of the medical clinic no less than 10-15 days a month once in a while more. Fourteen days before he died, I talked with him on the telephone, and still, after all that he figured out how to tell wisecracks about existence.


I know he left this world glad; he wouldn’t permit any person or thing to hold him down, even his extreme sicknesses. He was most certainly a model to admire with regards to not permitting any circumstance to hold you back from pushing ahead throughout everyday life and appreciating life, each day in turn.


There is such a lot of today, that we can observe to be pitiful about yet one thing without a doubt, the expression; “live, love, snicker,” can be utilized and applied all the more frequently.


I will perpetually miss his grin and his affection for life that he gave out so unreservedly, however I realize he is among different heavenly messengers making them giggle right now.

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