Soccer Field Diagram – 4 Different Positions

There are four distinct situations in the soccer field chart. They are normally named as Forwards, Midfielders, Defenders, and Goalie/goalkeeper. Allow me to give you a short knowledge into the equivalent.


Advances are those players who need to situate themselves close to the objective of their adversary group. Players at other position pass them the ball and it is their errand to change over that passing of the ball into scoring an objective. Their essential assignment is to score objectives, and that is the motivation behind why they should be sufficient.

They might do not have specific different abilities, yet it is of fundamental significance that they ought to have a solid body with force and energy. Once more, it isn’t generally that they play close to the rival’s goal line as it were. Obviously, every one of the players need to continue moving relying on the conditions.

Additionally, they might need to invest some energy in the field moreover. At the point when advances play amidst the field, they are known as “strikers”. At the point when they need to play close to the touchlines, they are known as “Wings”. Generally, Forwards should be speedy sprinters with amazing kicking abilities and precision in shooting. เว็บพนันบอล ดีที่สุด


As a rule, there can be somewhere close to three and six midfielders in a soccer group. They play with a goal to oversee the ball and afterward pass something similar to the advances so they could score objectives for the group. As the name recommends, midfielders play the vast majority of the occasions in the field.

The mentor should work in a manner to improve the handling capacities of the midfielders since it is this capacity that helps them taking the ball from the rival players and pass something similar to the Forwards. Midfielders should have incredible precision in passing the ball.


As a rule, there can be somewhere close to three and five safeguards in a soccer group. Their situation in the field is simply close to their own goal line, as their primary assignment is to save the objectives endeavored by the rival players. That is the justification for why they are named as protectors.

In addition, it is likewise their assignment to take the ball from the goalie and pass something very similar to the midfielders. They need to kick the ball exceptionally far to the midfielders. Thusly, it is significant for the mentor to prepare them likewise.

Goalie obviously saves the objective for your group, and is the main player in the soccer field outline who is permitted to utilize his hands.

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