Madden Football 2009 Product Review For the Nintendo Wii

Every once in awhile, something comes along that helps to define a generation. Video games have been a mainstay in popular culture for several years now. One game franchise, in particular, has been a runaway success and captivated millions. That franchise is Madden. Madden football and Madden 09 will define the next generation of video games.

Every year, the Madden franchise comes out with an updated game. Part of the fun every year is the updated rosters. It’s exciting to play with your favorite team and imagine the possibilities of the new players. Along with updated rosters, the franchise always has some new features that improve the game. The game has progressed in light years since it’s inception in the early days. It has gone from a top-view 2-dimensional game, to an extremely lifelike football simulation. If you’re not paying attention now, you might actually think you’re watching the real thing.

Madden ’09 for the Nintendo Wii is even that much more fun. Playing the game on the Wii puts you into the center of the action. There’s no more sitting back and hitting a couple buttons to control your players. Instead, you actually throw the ball, catch the ball and make the moves. The Wii controller senses your motion and mimics your movements on the screen. If you rare back and throw the ball, the quarterback will do the same. It’s pretty amazing, the first time you try it. You’ve definitely never experienced another video game like it, in your entire life.

Besides the amazing benefit of playing the game on the Wii, Madden ’09 has several new features that make it one of a kind. When you first turn on the game, you will be given a test. Don’t worry; you don’t need to do any late night cramming for this exam. It is a test of your skills in Madden. They test you in several key areas of the game such as rushing, passing, run defense, and pass defense. The score that you receive is called your Madden IQ. This is the score that goes with you when you start to play. While you may not have a high score initially, your score can go up as your play improves. UFABET

Your Madden IQ is then used to accommodate for you and your opponent during game play. The IQ will level the playing field to a certain degree. It will allow someone with a very high Madden IQ to play with someone with a lower Madden IQ. The computer will compensate for your lack of skills to make it a more fun game. This is a pretty revolutionary feature and allows you to play with anyone and have fun. If you don’t like it, you can always turn it off.

Overall, Madden ’09 for the Nintendo Wii is definitely a winner. Its new game play features and graphics will amaze you. While you might be thinking about skipping this year and buying it next year, you might want to reconsider. Madden ’09 is by far the best one yet in the franchise.



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